1st K9 Security Services UK Ltd is a London based company first established in 2012. The company was first found by Tim Ercen who has over 15 years of experience in several roles in the security industry, main expertise being in the Canine dog security department.We are proud with the rapid growth we had over the years, providing security service solutions nationwide. We have worked incredibly hard to become a reputable and trust worthy security service company providing our services in different security fields.To make sure our clients’ security requirements are met, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of the premises or event agenda. In order to plan out a suitable operation, complying with both the customer unique solution requirement and regulations set by relevant authorities. Each of our bespoke security packages is created in line with our clients’ specific needs.As a company we value training and development and invested heavily to increase the potential of our employees, which happen to be our most valuable assets. We introduced our own inhouse handbooks and continuously update it in order to be compliant with new rules and regulations set by the relevant authorities. Monthly group sessions are arranged for our employees to attend accordance with our partner training centres.

Our Vision

With our keen determination, we aim to lead the security industry by raising and providing the highest quality security service within the sector. We intend to reset and increase the expected security standards nationwide. By continuous training & development of all our staff, we aim to earn the trust of our clients. We are committed to constantly improve our services and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our Mission

To understand our client’s unique security requirements, in order to deliver the most suitable security solution. Detailed evaluation considering all potential scenarios to minimize risk. Adopting a professional service and remaining compliant with the legislation’s set within the relevant authorities throughout the operation.